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  • Alysia

    Our wedding was the most magical night of our lives. The biggest joy we have in remembering our night is our absolutely stunning photos taken by Iryna. Iryna was pivotal in making our night a total fairytale! Not only do I now see Iryna as a trusted friend, but I am also able to appreciate the raw talent that lives within her. Iryna took the time to get to know myself and my husband thoroughly. She laughed with us, cried with us, and captured every memorable moment with elegance. We recently received our wedding album which brought us both to tears within seconds of turning the cover. We look forward to forever using Iryna for any of our photography needs. We will never see photography the same. Thank you, Iryna, for being a rockstar and making our day all that it was!

    1. Iryna Shostak Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words!!!!

  • Simon Graf

    My wife and I (and our respective families and many of our guests!) have nothing but glowing praise for Iryna.
    We decided to schedule an introductory phone call with Iryna after noticing a few simple qualities about her work:
    1) First and foremost, her wedding photography is beautiful, tasteful, and polished–yet still whimsical and fun
    2) We could tell from looking at Iryna’s past work that she uses composition, color, lighting, shadow–and even movement–to create one-of-a-kind photographs of precious memories
    3) It was clear after looking at several different wedding photographers that Iryna’s work showcases an artistic eye and artistic vision that others just don’t have
    After a brief Facetime call, we were convinced that Iryna was the right choice to shoot both of our wedding ceremonies. She’s funny, kind, easy to talk to, and was extremely willing to work with us. She’s also clearly a professional–this isn’t just a hobby for her, and our wedding wasn’t going to be “just another wedding” for her to shoot.
    On the day(s) of, Iryna was wonderful. She has an infectious personality and a great sense of humor. We were immediately comfortable working with her, and it wasn’t long before she was just like another member of our family. She is excellent at providing direction, setting up shots, and getting the perfect angle, lighting, and background. She even took individual pictures–both candid and semi-staged–of our family dogs!
    Working with Iryna was a pleasure, and I can say without a doubt that both of our wedding ceremonies were better for her inclusion. Truly, I can’t imagine how different they would have been if we had decided to book somebody else.
    Last but certainly not least: her photos! She took exceptional photos, and we’re so grateful to her for all of her hard work. The turnaround on her finished work was surprisingly fast given how beautifully everything turned out. One photo in particular was so artfully taken that it was featured on a wedding magazine’s Instagram page! (In fact, it’s currently Iryna’s cover photo!)
    Everybody’s circumstances and preferences are different, but you should absolutely hire Iryna if you want a wedding photographer who will:
    · Capture truly special moments,
    · Make you laugh while she does it,
    · Learn your family members’ names–and even your pets’ names,
    · Somehow make your wedding day happier, more special, and more memorable without ever being the center of attention,
    · Produce finished work that is leaps and bounds more captivating than what you’ll get with “cookie-cutter” wedding photographers, and
    · Edit and deliver your photos with an impressively quick turnaround.

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