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  • Jackie & Jeremy

    My wife & I knew Dan as a photography student back in college. He was the type of person that exudes fun & positivity and he’s exactly the same today. Nowadays, anyone can just take a picture and great photographers are few and far between. A photographer needs to be able to capture moments and a huge part of that is knowing your environment and being able to anticipate… and Dan is the most flawless photographer we’ve ever met. So, when we got engaged we didn’t even give another wedding photographer a thought.

    Dan went above and beyond his duties to make our experience exceptional. We live a great distance from him, so he scheduled Skype chats and met up for breakfast a couple of days before the wedding to solidify our plan. He wanted to make sure he had as much information about who we were as a couple and what our expectations were, because delivering that is his number one priority. He not only asked questions related to his photography duties, he gave us useful advice and suggestions that helped us during our planning process. We were in contact with Dan frequently and whenever we had a question or concern he responded quickly.

    We recently received our wedding photos and they exceeded our lofty expectations. He captured all the moments we requested and shot some incredible unexpected moments throughout the ceremony & reception. His timing and vision are impeccable. We cannot recommend Dan highly enough, you couldn’t choose a better person to provide a stellar wedding experience.

  • Alissa

    I fell in love with Dan’s photos even before I was engaged just browsing facebook. So I was so excited when my husband and I were able to book him to photograph our wedding in September 2015. Dan has been a dream to work with. I had met with other photographers, but Dan’s awesome personality and professionalism shined through. It was just a fun time at every meeting and I wanted to have that same feeling on my wedding day! Our engagement photo shoot was just a taste of what Dan had in store for our wedding. Having a traditional wedding, Dan had the perfect combination of tradition and creativity to create lasting epic photographs that my husband and I both love! Throughout the process, Dan helped me with creating a list of photos I wanted and a timeline for the big day. His responses were always positive, knowledgeable and reassuring. My bridal party commented how “fun and enjoyable” he was, that they did not feel awkward at all. After the wedding, guests are still telling me how amazing our wedding photos are. All in all, it is safe to say Dan “nailed it”.

  • Camille

    We first met Dan in October of 2011 at Greg’s brother’s wedding. There happened to be a freak snowstorm which caused it to be postponed until the following day. Dan stayed the whole time and basically had the entire weekend on his camera. He was so much fun and all of the pictures from that day were absolutely amazing.

    When Greg and I first got engaged we had no clue where to begin with the wedding planning. The only thing we did know was that we needed Dan as our photographer. When we found a hall and called Dan to see if he was available, we were relieved that we didn’t need to change our wedding date.

    We had an engagement photo session in October of 2016 and this was where we really got to know Dan. We were able to be ourselves around him and we both felt very comfortable with him. We had so much fun and the pictures came out so great!!!

    On the day of the wedding this past December, he made everything so easy. At the hair salon when Dan first came in and starting talking to us, the hair stylist thought he was a family member. The rest of the day was perfect and we didn’t have to stress about pictures because we knew Dan had it covered.

    Dan takes time to get to know the couples that he works with. He also gets to know their families. He isn’t some guy that just shows up on the day of your wedding and takes pictures. He is much more than a photographer to us! You know how people say “pictures don’t do it justice”? This statement isn’t true about Dan’s photos. When you look at Dan’s pictures you get such a rush of emotion just by looking at them. It actually feels as if you’re there and can tell how those photographed are feeling.

    If you want an awesome wedding photographer who is fun, personable, and takes insane pictures, then Dan is your man! There are not enough stars to give this guy. I can’t stop looking at our wedding photos because they are so amazing!!! We love you Dan!

  • Sarah & Andrew

    I’ll try to keep this from sounding like a love letter, but Dan was absolutely, hands-down our favorite vendor! I’ve never met anyone so enthusiastic and thoughtful; it was such a treat to have him be part of our wedding day and engagement.

    Dan made us feel at ease from the start. Our engagement shoot was unbelievably comfortable, and more like a great date that ended in making a wonderful new friend! Receiving our pictures was even more reassuring. Wedding planning is stressful and you doubt your choices, even (especially?) small ones like table numbers and envelope color. When those stresses inevitably piled up, I would go to our engagement photos to remind myself we had made at least one really great decision; we must be doing something right! That comfort was so valuable to have throughout the craziness of wedding planning.

    We also got a go-to wedding expert in Dan. He was available to help whenever we needed and gave us his full attention. One time we called to ask a question and he happened to be driving; he literally pulled over so he could look at our timeline and work out a solution with us. He treated our problems like they were his problems and all his suggestions worked out incredibly well.

    On the wedding day he greeted me with a huge hug and was just as excited as I was! Looking back we were amazed by the intimate moments he captured since he was never intrusive. Our photos show touching moments rather than stiff poses, and the photos reflect the joy and fun of the day. Dan did an excellent job capturing the emotions and relationships that meant so much to us. Weddings have a lot of pretty details, but it’s not pictures of centerpieces or escort cards that you’ll pass down to your grandkids someday. It’s the pictures of you crying as you say your vows, embracing in your first quiet moments together as husband and wife, and hugging your favorite people that will mean the most. We can’t recommend Dan enough.

  • Joe Young

    Everyone told us a Photographer is the most important vendor. We decided to really take our time and meet with a handful of photographers to get this right. Even Daniel told me, “meet with a lot of us, we’re going to spend more time with your wife on the day than you will.” He lived up to the hype and ended up being more like a Wedding Coach than just a Photographer. On such a stressful day, he really found ways to calm us down and make sure that we were enjoying our day. He met with us on several occasions leading up to the wedding to get even the smallest details right. He even offered us a 2nd photographer at cost and brought a third on his own. He has such a creative mind matched with fun spirited attitude and that gave us exactly what we needed that day. He worked under a lot of pressure and for the entire day, arriving at 11am until midnight. I was told to really find the perfect photographer to capture those candid moments on my wedding day and we surely did. I looked on areas to save money during the process, but I realized that with Photographers- you get what you pay for. Daniel was one of the only vendors that didn’t look at our wedding like a business opportunity. He was there to make our day special and as best as it could be. We viewed Daniel as an investment and were pleased from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Daniel Moyer for your wedding or special event.

  • Darlene & Jimmy

    I knew that I was going to have the most beautiful wedding photos from Daniel during our initial conversation when Daniel told me that I should research lots of photographers before choosing one for our big day. This was the first genuine conversation I had with a vendor during the wedding planning process. He told me these pictures would always be meaningful to us and wanted us to make sure that his style was exactly what we envisioned for our big day. I took some time and researched other photographers, but came back to Daniel. After we booked him, he took me and my (now) husband out to dinner to talk about our relationship and what we envisioned for our big day. The day before the wedding, Daniel called us and gave us a pep talk and tips on how to savor the fleeting moments of our big day. The morning of our wedding, seeing Daniel was like seeing an old friend- I was at ease with him around and that made him capturing the genuine intimate moments of our day so natural. We had so much fun shooting our photos- he and lauren kept us laughing and focused on what mattered throughout the day. Our friends and family kept asking if our photographer was a long time friend because he was out on the dance floor twirling and shooting some of the most genuine moments with our guest from our wedding reception. The whole experience was extremely personal and I am forever grateful that we chose Daniel to shoot our big day. And the pictures speak for themselves. Check out his website and blog to see how beautiful his work is- my words cannot do his work justice.

  • Catherine

    Dan and his team totally ‘nailed it!’ (a favorite term of his) for our wedding. His enthusiasm and creativity was present from the first meeting, and carried all the way through our long and chilly wedding day. From coming up with new and interesting ideas on the spot, to wrangling our large, loud and loving family/bridal party, Dan was nothing but a pure professional. He loves what he does, and it comes through in all the wedding day interactions as well as in his amazing photos. We have received a few teasers through Instagram, and are eagerly awaiting the rest of the pictures. Truly awesome photographer, and a great guy too.

  • Andrea

    There was never a doubt that we’d choose Dan as our wedding photographer! His energy, kindness, and true attention to all of the details that were important to us were evident from the first moment we started talking to him about our wedding. Every time we met, talked, or even emailed him, we were excited to see how he’d capture all of the memories of our big day. To say that he delivered in spades would be an understatement! He really was committed to giving us every photo we ever could have wanted, and kept it all fun and lighthearted for us and every member of our family and wedding party. Everyone loved Dan and Michael!! The photos are truly top-notch, and we love to relive the memories and all of the things that made our wedding day so special. We can’t recommend Daniel Moyer Photography enough!

  • Lauren

    Dan was hands down the best photographer we could have possibly hired for our wedding!

    I honestly don’t know where to start to properly review Dan. Fair warning that this review may make Dan sound too good to be true, but he really is THAT good. Neither my husband or I like taking photos. I’m not kidding you when I say we had maybe 3 photos together over FIVE years of dating .. none of which we liked.

    Enter Dan.

    We took our engagement photos/had our forever session with Dan the day before the wedding (seriously, we dreaded having our photo taken). After chatting and hanging out for awhile, we started taking photos, and it was FUN. Dan immediately made us feel comfortable and played off of our humor to put us at ease. We laughed the entire night with Dan! It’s rare for us to quickly click with people and we clicked with Dan right away. Flash forward to the wedding day. Again, Dan was absolutely amazing! He was ready early and stayed late. He was, as usual, a BLAST to hang out with all day (you are with your photographer more than any of your family, friends or future spouse that day so this is IMPORTANT). You know your photographer is an amazing guy when your guests take photos with him for their Instagram with the caption “Best photographer EVER”.

    We’ve only seen two teaser photos so far, but we LOVE them both. The two people who have never liked a photo together (one of which has extreme self confidence problems) love our photos and are excited to see the others! I honestly think it would be impossible to choose someone better than Dan as our photographer! He clearly loves what he does and is truly AMAZING at what he does (with the camera and just at being an amazing, fun, charismatic, and passionate human being). We’re already planning when we will hire him again (aka he is stuck with us for life)!

    Seriously, go hire Dan! We promise you won’t regret it!

  • Joanne

    Choosing Daniel Moyer as our photographer was the single best decision that we made when it came to our wedding. We knew from our first meeting with him that he exactly what we were looking for in a photographer. His energy and passion for weddings along with his commitment to his clients goes above and beyond every expectation. We scheduled an engagement session with him and I was a little hesitant because I was worried that I would feel uncomfortable having our picture taken. Dan made it such a fun and wonderful experience for us that we didn’t even notice that we were being photographed. He made us feel so comfortable and we laughed together the entire time and I think that’s part of what makes his photos so genuine. Dan is everything that you could ask for in a wedding photographer and we will cherish our wedding photos and the memories of our wedding day for the rest of our lives and we can never thank Dan enough for that.

  • Lara

    The thing that really separates Dan Moyer from many other photographers is his personality. He is light-hearted, engaging, and is quick to establish a fun, easy-going rapport. Dan’s high energy and sense of humor are infectious and really helped us, our wedding party, and all our guests feel comfortable in front of a camera.

    For our engagement session, Dan was able to capture our personalities through candid photos and a lot of creative moments. He brought that same enthusiasm to our wedding, which everybody was quick to catch on. It was such an enjoyable experience working with him and truly one of the highlights of our big day. Dan was just as “in the moment” as we were and we are so grateful to have had him there. We can’t wait to see our wedding photos and relive the day all over again!

    Dan has a ton of industry experience and his talents really speak for themselves. He even took the time to get to know us outside of the “wedding bubble” over dinner and even coffee a few days before our wedding. Not only did we feel like we worked with a great photographer, but we also believe we gained a new friend. We received a ton of compliments on him and his partner for the day, Zack, and look forward to working with him again for our cheesy (future) family photos. Thanks, Dan!

  • Linda & Kinara

    We don’t believe that there will ever be enough time or the best words to describe how much we loved working with Dan so what will be said here will hopefully live up to the amazing work that Dan does 🙂 Dan Moyer is by far one of the best decisions that we made while wedding planning. Although we stumbled upon him by accident, once you go with Dan, there is no going back… everyone else just seems to pale in comparison. His enthusiasm, personality, and motivation to get to know you through dinners and conversations were one of the best guiding lights we had to get through our wedding planning and have our big day unfold. The day of the wedding, Dan was prompt, all around excited, and so much fun to have there. He got to know our families and shared in the excitement that resonated throughout the whole day and was there for guidance when we couldn’t get our pictures because of the weather, but graciously offered for another photo shoot on a better day. Upon seeing the pictures, they are of the most wonderful pictures we have ever seen– from the first sneak peek to the highlights slideshow to the entire gallery and stirred up all of the emotions we had that day as our story unfolded. We are entirely grateful that he was a part of our big day and able to capture so many of the moments that we couldn’t see ourselves and those that were memorable to us.

  • Brenda

    We haven’t even received our photos back yet, but Dan’s professionalism and vision during the day has us so excited. He spent the time getting to know us, what we wanted to be captured in our day and was extremely great at switching gears and catching moments.

  • Megan

    Daniel Moyer is an exceptional wedding photographer! We have known Danny for many years and we graduated from the same high school. Ever since I laid my eyes on his work I knew that one day I would want him to capture my special day. My husband and I were finishing up our last semester of college and Danny made accommodations to meet half way to discuss our wedding with him! We spent the first meeting talk about our relationship, how Joe proposed, our families, and our mutual love for Jesus! The second time we met we discussed our wedding day and we were thankful for the wedding knowledge that Danny has! We thought we had all the fine details ironed out and it turned out we didn’t. Danny helped us envision our wedding day from the beginning to end and it finally made sense to us. We had thousands of thoughts all jumbled in our minds and it was difficult for us to see how the whole day would plan out. Not only is Danny knowledgablable about his work but he sees the whole picture and he will guide you in creating the most beautiful day of your life. Finally, our wedding day arrived and what a beautiful day it was! Danny kept very busy getting pictures of everything he possibly could. During our family pictures our flower girl just was not having it. Danny did what he does best and he began to RUN AROUND LIKE A CHICKEN AND MAKE NOISES LIKE A CHICKEN, and yes you read the correctly! Our flower girl cracked a smile and we now have a picture perfect family photo! Let me tell you, when people tell you the day is going to fly by they are NOT kidding! We felt like the DJ played five songs and the wedding was over. It was such a beautiful time going through our photos and reliving our day all over again. Danny’s photographs are like a movie of your wedding day. The best part of it all is they look absolutely breathtaking when you begin to decorate your home with them! We HIGHLY reccomend Daniel Moyer Photography as your lifetime photographer!

  • Clare & Sean

    As much as it pains me to know that so many people will be booking Dan after all of these 5 star reviews, I have to give him another one… and hope that he squeezes me into his busy schedule again in the future! I want to start by saying I now can call Dan a friend of mine (and my husbands). He is an amazing person, incredibly nice and outgoing. He radiates positive energy and is so excited about every aspect of your wedding and time leading up to the big day. I believe I found Dan’s page after an incredible amount of research on The Knot and wedding wire. I loved his blog and reviews and immediately called to set up a meeting to see if he lived up to the hype. He was very quick to respond to my request and next thing I knew he was sitting on my family room couch. He was funny, enthusiastic, but also extremely professional. I interviewed 2 other photographers (which I recommend doing) but knew Dan would be the one! From that moment on Dan was awesome. You can text him, call him, email him… he always responds. We did our engagement shoot with Dan as well and it was AMAZING. Check out his blog page and look at Clare & Sean’s engagement session… you won’t be disappointed. Dan was so creative with his shots but also takes traditional portraits. His photographs made me cry and are hanging around my house. Everyone has complimented on them. On our wedding day, Dan arrived early, and stayed late. He was bursting with energy and our bridal party loved him. I cannot say enough positive things about Dan.. his photographs are just so stunning and beautiful. He is an out of the box thinker, not your typical run of the mill wedding photographer. I was so happy to have him around on our wedding day. I should mention that at the end of the night he was dancing to whip nae nae and it was amazing!! Hire Dan!
    By the way, I purchased the package that included a 2nd photographer on the wedding day, and he was awesome as well. His name is Val and he was hysterical.

  • Chuck Emig

    Talk to Danny Moyer for 5 minutes and you’ll be convinced he is the perfect person to photograph your wedding. When we got in touch with him, it was immediately obvious that he was as excited as we were, and that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Danny has photographed weddings in German castles and National Parks – he’s even shot a wedding in a hurricane! – and no matter how many questions we asked him (and there were hundreds) there wasn’t a single thing he didn’t have some insight about.
    Leading up to the wedding Danny took the time to really get to know us and talk about what we wanted. By the wedding day, we were not only friends, but Danny felt like part of our family, and we were able to just hang out and enjoy the pictures. Scroll through Danny’s gallery and you’ll see pictures of people looking relaxed and happy. I can honestly say we enjoyed our wedding day so much more because Danny helped us live in the moment and be ourselves.
    It’s impossible to sum up everything that Danny does because he seems to be everywhere at once, capturing big moments, like a first dance or a speech, and small ones, like a conversation with a close friend. He always has the big picture in mind, but combines that with a journalistic attention to detail. On top of that, he radiates genuine enthusiasm, joy, and professionalism. Danny even makes amazing prints and books of your wedding day! The man does it all, and he’s the best at all of it. Thank you, Danny, for sharing your amazing talent with us!

    1. Jen Weidner

      From the moment my husband and I met Dan in late spring 2019 it was apparent he was a rarity to find in the industry. Given how intimate the wedding day is our main hope in hiring a wedding photographer was to work with someone that made us feel authentically seen. We heard so many stories from friends who felt awkward being posed in unnatural ways while taking their photographs, so hoped to find someone who understood how to capture our love in ways that reflected our energy. Dan exceeded this expectation.

      Dan is remarkably attuned to others which enables him to effortlessly create an environment within which we felt comfortable being ourselves. He brought a beautiful mixture of levity, spontaneity, and structure to our photography sessions, which allowed him to authentically capture all sides of our dynamic. A large part of Dan’s magic is that he truly cares about the nuances of who his clients are as humans, and how that is channeled into their relationship. Dan spent hours getting to know us both individually and as a couple. He also spent time understanding our relationships to our friends and family. Working with him ultimately felt like hanging out with a close friend, which allowed us to feel natural and at ease. During our work with him he provided supportive direction to staging our photographs, but also worked off what came naturally to us. He encouraged us to be our authentic selves and was totally on board when that led us to spontaneously jump into the Love Park fountain 😉 He laughed with us as we stood soaking wet. We had so much FUN working with him.

      Another aspect to Dan’s talent is that, while you think you are just taking a “normal” photograph, his mind is working its magic. Dan captured regular moments in incredibly unique ways. When we got our photos back, we were amazed by the ways he used natural elements in our environment such as lighting, puddles on the sidewalk, and angles to create beautifully artistic photos. The fact that he does this in ways that feel so effortless in the moment is such a testament to his talent.

      Dan’s expertise surpasses photography, he truly understands the nuances of the wedding process. He was pivotal in helping us to create our wedding timeline and provided us with keen guidance on how to best coordinate our wedding details with our other venders. Given how overwhelming making decisions throughout the wedding process can be, we were so grateful to have him as a resource– he truly is the full package and more!

      Lastly, I want to highlight is how genuine and caring Dan is. Given that we were a COVID wedding couple, we had the privilege of working with Dan for over two years. When we met Dan, he told us he was with us on our wedding journey every step of the way. While he certainly didn’t realize that would involve a pandemic, I can confidently say that he stood true to his promise. Throughout the pandemic he checked in on us “just because.” He made us feel deeply supported throughout the challenges inherent not only in being a COVID wedding couple, but throughout the pandemic at large.

      Aside from choosing to marry each other, Dan was the absolute best decision we made in the wedding process. I cannot reiterate how remarkable of a person Dan is. I am so grateful that people like him exist in this world. We are so grateful to have found him and can say with the upmost confidence that you can’t go wrong with choosing him for your special day!

  • Courteney Olenzak

    Dan is the absolute best of the best! He is so sweet and an incredible photographer. He made an effort to get to know us as a couple early on in our wedding planning process and he helped us plan out our wedding timeline so that everything went so smoothly. It’s so clear he knows what he’s doing and does it so well!

    We get to relive our wedding day over and over again through his stunning photos and we couldn’t be happier. He made us feel so special throughout the entire process. I can’t speak highly enough of Dan. He absolutely crushed it and we would hire him again and again if we could!!!

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