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  • Devon Vicari

    Planning a wedding during a pandemic is hard but planning two is pure insanity. Salt and Sonder was our first vendor decision back in 2018 when we first began planning our 2020 wedding. They were first hired by our friends and we were absolutely in awe of the moments they captured and the memories they were able to frame. We knew they had the talent but we didn’t expect the over-communication, detailed inquiries required for personalized shots, and most of all, professional care and patience. All of which is impossible to come by in such an unreliable year. JD took the time to understand us so well that come day-of, when you’re pulled in every direction, they knew where to be, who to communicate with, and how to maneuver around a 20+ person wedding party. JD and his assistant, Tom’s calmness was infectious, which put us at ease and I’m sure, captured a perfect cycle of emotions as the day went on. When 2020 gave us every excuse to lower our expectations, Salt and Sonder was sure to keep raising the bar.

  • Halcyon Person

    We feel so grateful and so lucky that we were able to work with JD and Salt & Sonder Studio for our wedding this winter. JD was an extremely professional, creative, attentive, supportive, and just plain ol’ fun photographer to work with from start to finish, and our final results were truly magical. His photos are real and intimate, capturing all the emotions of the day (the nerves, the celebration, the joy, and the love) with his trained photojournalistic eye. Everything from the months of lead up prep, the day-of management and direction, to the post-wedding thrill of seeing our photos was a joy with Salt & Sonder. We can’t recommend them enough!

    We approached JD about capturing our small, pandemic wedding (backyard at our home with close family members) and he instantly gave us brilliant ideas for not just how to photograph the day but also how to position and time our events for the best images. He checked in with us often, taking time to talk though specifics and the run of the day, and also working with us on weather contingencies. We also appreciated that he was incredibly safe and conscientious, and not only knew all the COVID-19 guidelines but worked with us to make sure everyone attending was 100% protected.

    On the day, JD was a brilliant director, working with us to make sure we got every single shot on our wishlist. He was also great with our family and made them feel comfortable while also being flexible when they had extra photo requests. And after the day, JD was communicative and speedy with our final photos, delivering a beautiful gallery of images as well as a moving slideshow of the day for us to enjoy again and again! Thank you JD for helping us make such beautiful memories of our special day!

  • Nicholas Wallace

    Please take the time to read my review, I know it is long but I promise it’s got body behind these curves. Choosing a photographer for your wedding is not something you want to take lightly. Honestly, in some ways it’s kinda like getting married!- you’ve made your decision and have those photos for life now! Pretty stressful stuff!

    Enter JD.. from the first contact my(now) wife (whoahhhh) and I had with JD we felt super comfortable, not only are all of his previous works amazing, and the exact photo journalist/non posed/not sweet 16 style we were after; but his attitude, attentiveness, and overall demeanor definitely helped us make our choice to “marry” JD!

    Every detail was spoken about and worked through, every option was presented and explained, and every small mention we made was thought through and presented back to us next time we spoke with a completed “how about this” concept. The forms and questionnaires he had us fill out were easy to understand, easy to complete and very thorough in their content.

    Fast forward to wedding day, there I am… pacing back and forth in the groom suite, nervous with anticipation for what is to be the biggest day of my life so far. In walks JD, cooler than the other side of the pillow, he introduced me to Nelly, (his second shooter for the day) and they got to work. Blending into the background, just as promised “you won’t even know I’m there”. JD went over to the bridal suite, and Nelly stayed with us guys, she also was able to answer every question, every concern and knew the days schedule like the back of her hand! You could tell they were totally prepared and had gone over every detail before arriving. Their preparedness relaxed me and made me less stressed.

    Our first look was amazing, both because of my stunning wife and because JD handled the situation in a very calm manor, explaining to us how the look works, and once we got to “normal” photos was very explanatory with how we should pose to make the shots the most appealing. Making funny faces along the way to ease our nerves.

    Photos with the bridal party were efficient and easy, he could read the vibes of each group, giving us direction he knew we’d be comfortable with. At no point with JD did I feel awkward or like he was asking us to do a pose that wasn’t “us”

    At the ceremony, JD once again lived up to his “you won’t even know I’m there” promise, the man moves around like Michael Jackson, Michele Kwan and Mohammed Ali combined. Amazing stuff!

    He knew exactly who we wanted those posed classic shots with after we said our “I do’s” and we ran through those like lightning allowing us to get to our cocktail hour and be able to enjoy it! Thus keeping another key promise JD made to us “you will make it to your cocktail hour”

    The rest of the night, honesty was a total blur, someone, somewhere sped up time and hours turned to minutes and I can’t say that I remember actually seeing JD besides for photos we had specifically asked for with family and friends. Which is EXACTLY what we were looking for, a photo journalist style wedding photographer to capture our day organically, not forced. To capture true emotion, reaction, love and interactions between our guests and us.

    I will recommend JD to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer. An amazing photographer, and amazing person and truly a pleasure to work with, and have capture our day in photos that we’ll look at for the rest of our lives.

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