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How Deibert Photography added $75k in Revenue with Philly in Love

“Our partnership with Philly in Love has helped us grow our business exponentially. In our short time working with PIL, we’ve added over $75,000 in new revenue.

The platform helps us target our ideal customer – couples getting married in Philadelphia, and has boosted our SEO results significantly on key terms and venues our potential clients are searching for. PIL is flexible, helpful and a great source for continuing to grow our brand presence in Philly and beyond!”


~ Deibert Photography (Members Since 2018)

Ben and Ashley Deibert

How They Did It:

1.) Content Marketing:

Our content marketing strategy with Deibert Photography had two main goals.


A.) Increase brand awareness through the publication of Real Proposals, Real Engagement Sessions, and Real Weddings at select locations and venues. Dramatically increase the number of people exposed to content from Deibert Photography.


B.) Increase overall SEO performance for the Deibert Photography website and content online by targeting key phrases couples search in their planning process.


Real Proposals

Longwood Gardens Real Proposal Session – Targets a well known location that conducts a high number of proposals and engagement sessions each year and attracts clientele at the very beginning of the wedding cycle.

Real Engagements

Fishtown Murals Engagement Session – Catches urban couples looking for fun and alternative options for their engagement photos.

Real Weddings

Opulent Real Wedding At PAFA – Focused on attracting high dollar, downtown couples looking for a sophisticated and luxury service level.

2.) Facebook and Instagram Advertising through Philly in Love

Deibert Photography was one of the first companies to add our Facebook and Instagram Ads management program to their membership. This has allowed them to target ads directly to the Philly in Love Audience Network, the largest collection of FB/IG local wedding customer data ever created.


These FB/IG ads have increased lead generation and provided consistent re-engagement of couples still deciding on a photographer.

Re-Targeting Ads

Retarget ads specifically target couples that visit any Deibert Photography content on Philly in Love as well as the Deibert Photography Website. These ads keep their beautiful work and brand in front of people already exposed to Deibert Photography.

Content Ads

Content Ads target the Audience Network and help drive more traffic to the Deibert Photography website.

3.) Vendor Storefront with Reviews

Deibert Photography’s Storefront gives them a fully customizable platform to represent their business with information, photos, and videos.


They’ve also collected 28 Five-Star reviews, allowing them to be less handcuffed by other review websites like Wedding Wire and the Knot.


The Deibert Photography storefront is an end-point in the marketing funnel for Philly in Love. Couples, already exposed to their content, use the storefront as last step in their research to read reviews and contact for more information.


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