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The Audience Network is a web of connected data sources including Philly in Love, PIL social media, participating vendors’ websites and their social media accounts. As couples begin to research and plan their wedding online, they inventively fall into the Audience Network web and we collect their customer data.


Our Goal is to capture the audience data on virtually ALL couples who are using the internet to research and plan their wedding in the Philadelphia area and to allow our vendors to use this data to advertise their business.

So How Does It Work?

Facebook Pixel Tracking

The Facebook Pixel Tracking system allows us to track the web activity of any user that visits a website, facebook page, or instagram page of a member of the Audience Network. If a visitor is logged into their FB or IG accounts, their personal data is stored anonymously by Facebook inside of the Audience Network. While this data is annonymous to us, Facebook allows us to target these visitors with ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Learn More About The Facebook Pixel Here

How Will This Help My Business?

As a member of Philly in Love, a percentage of your monthly membership fees is dedicated directly to FB and IG ads that drive brides and grooms to our content and vendor directory. In fact, 35% of our overall traffic comes directly from our FB and IG ads.


The larger the Audience Network become, the more effective your overall Philly in Love membership experience becomes. No other collection of data exists of this scale.

Join the Audience Network in 5 Minutes

Becoming part of the Audience Network is super easy. Just follow these steps:


1.) Copy the code to your right. Be sure to copy all of the code.


2.) Login to your website and add this code into your website header <head>.

WordPress Instructions
SquareSpace Instructions

Wix Instructions


3.) That’s it! If you have any trouble, email us and we’ll do it for you! (

<!-- Facebook Pixel Code -->
s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window, document,'script',
fbq('init', '601501373930469');
fbq('track', 'PageView');
<noscript><img height="1" width="1" style="display:none"
<!-- End Facebook Pixel Code -->

Advertise Directly to the Audience Network

Targeted Ads to the Audience Network

If you’ve ever experimented with advertising on Facebook or Instagram, you probably were disappointed with the results. The in-app advertising options simply don’t allow small, local businesses to reach the right customers withing a local market.


By running ads with Philly in Love, you can target the entire Audience Network. These are pre-qualified individuals that are actively planning a wedding so the effectiveness of your ads is dramatically increased.


Your ads will represent your brand, just like if you ran the ads yourself. Except now they will target only the qualified users in the Audience Network.

Unleash the Power of Retargeting

If you’ve ever been shopping online only to see ads for the same product later on FB or IG, you have experienced retargeting.


98% of consumers don’t make a purchase after initially visiting a company’s website. This astounding statistic underscores the power of being able to reengage your customers with targeted ads directly to their Facebook and Instagram feeds.


By running ads through Philly in Love, we’ll enable retargeting for your website, facebook page, and instagram page. A powerful tool few of your competitors have access to.

Learn More About Adding FB/IG Ads Management to your Philly in Love Membership –>

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